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Priefert Utility Round Pens


Available in 40’, 50’, 60’, and 70’ diameters

Utility Round Pens are constructed from our number one selling “Horse-Safe” panels and will fit the needs of most any horse owner looking for a safe environment for working horses. Whether you are starting a young colt or working with a seasoned horse, there are few training tools for all disciplines that can pay off like a Priefert Round Pen. These round pens are constructed from our 12’ Utility Panels and our 6’ x 9’ Utility Bow Gate. Chain connectors make these pens quick and easy to set up, while the lightweight panels allow this round pen to be portable. The 62” tall panels are tall enough to discourage horses from jumping on or over them. The 9’ tall bow frame height and the Single Piston Lever Latch allow “ride thru” access to the pen. The Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish helps the product to resist rust, scratches, and fading to add years of life to your investment.

Item Number Diameter     Components
UP40 40' (10)  12' Panels, 1-6'x9' Bow Gate
UP50 50' (13)  12' Panels, 1-6'x9' Bow Gate
UP60 60' (15)  12' Panels, 1-6'x9' Bow Gate
UP70 70' (18)  12' Panels, 1-6'x9' Bow Gate